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AI wrangler cuz #TimesAreA-Changin', amirite?

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From old-school branding to digital to UX to AI

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I love mom & pops too, they’re just not listed here!

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Wondering out loud about emerging tech and AI with smart folks. How is their work world changing? What scares and excites them the most? What advice are they giving their junior employees?

Also: customized AI dad jokes. Good stuff.
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Aw, shucks
TL;DR I get hired because I care—about the client, my colleagues, and the work itself.

When David Letterman listed the top 10 things that are awesome about Emily, it went something like this... Drum roll...

  1. Positive in the face of impossible timelines
  2. Always makes sure all the loose ends are covered
  3. Gives a damn and takes the time to learn a client's business including the nuances of their products
  4. Willing to jump in and lead anything from a photo shoot to part of a pitch
  5. Grammar
  6. Knows just about everyone and knows the perfect person to pull in on a project
  7. Clients love her and love to work with her
  8. Adorkable
  9. Wildly creative and willing to dig for the right idea
  10. Fights during Scrabble games over whether "Yo" is a real word

Mason Poe

Managing Member @ Edgar Allan

Clever, creative, kind and hardworking are just a few of the words often spoken to describe Emily.

I very much enjoyed my time collaborating with her. She’s versatile and can pick up nearly any assignment and run with it, from marketing to branding and content strategy, she’s well-traveled and brings a wealth of experience. What’s more, she brings a positivity and charm to the team around her that is infectious while bringing the utmost quality and thought to her work.

Thad Goad

ECD, Dept Head @ AKQA

Emily's real good at writing headlines, TV spots, websites, presentation decks and statement stuffers.

There are a lot of writers who aren't. In fact, that's exactly why I hired her.

John Spalding

Creative Director, Ogilvy South


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