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The happy path to Unparsed.

Making Chatterly & its hot pink lipstick flow

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What I have right this sec. 💋

I’d hoped for something more meaty to show at Unparsed. But time moves faster than tech, so I just took a deep breath and decided to just show up with where I am.

Building a product-finding, inspiration-
giving makeup bot.

So! I created a fake brand, Gerrod’s Beauty, to help inform the bot’s language and flow. The brand mission is this:

"Gerrod’s Beauty embraces makeup as the ultimate form of self-expression. It’s fun, liberating, and most importantly, transformative. Makeup is our everything. We love and cater to Power Users who transform their clients and themselves into works of art. We hold Drag as the ultimate art form and celebrate every flavor of Drag artist there is."
Gerrod's People

Customer Archetype:
Makeup Power Users

Gerrod’s bot serves as a cheeky assistant to our three main power user examples: Drag Artists, Professional Makeup Artists, and folks who obsess over makeup tutorials. We call them Rabbit Holers for reasons that are #obvo.


Gender: 88% women; 8% men; 4% non-binary

Age: Skew 35-50, but ~15% 20s, and 50+: Professionals who know their way around productions and are entrusted with skin health of clients

Example 1
Drag Queens’ and Kings’ Needs and Pain Points:
The work demands products that will hold on stage and studio lights:

Fast drying    
Long lasting    
Water proof

"Always on the hunt for inspiration to bring the drama to my world."

Key user testing question to ask: Knowing the imagined brand holds Drag as the ultimate form of expression, are the bot’s Drag memes and expressions appropriation or representation? Or something in-between?
Example 2
Professional Makeup Artist Needs and Pain Points:
Quality ingredients are huge. Their reputation depends on it.

Need products for my kit that will suit all skin sensitivity levels.
All-natural, cruelty-free, vegan is important.
I can’t rely on  a headshot for true color.
I have to have 5 or 6 alternatives that might work.

"My work involves quick turn of models and actors under hot lights. These are atypical conditions, so I need fast drying and long lasting products."

Makeup exploration is mostly done in person because accurate color and feel are impossible online. Quick reorders are helpful.
Example 3
Makeup Tutorial Rabbit Holers Needs and Pain Points:
"I’m addicted to transforming my look.

I spend hours on social following my favorite influencers and recreating their looks while adding touches of my own.

My face is a canvas and I am a painter. TikTok is my graduate school."
Gerrod’s Chatterly
A bot’s character development



Service Tasks

Persuasive Tasks












Signature Sayings
*I created two other personas. One, a nameless, genderless, high-end luxury bot, that’s a classic concierge. It’s an immaculate host that’s 100% guest-forward.

The other is a genderless, simple salesbot named Rai that’s helpful and light-hearted.

Development Requirements
A bot’s character development




Voiceflow prototype was built entirely by me.

Dots of Color: Example
Pretty in pink. Love it.
Which shade?

Nude Pink

Baby Pink

Rose Pink

Hot Pink

Check out the prototype!👇🏼